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July 3 - 12, 2019 (10 days and 8 nights)

featuring Rishiri Island


Tours are operated by Aloha World, a tour division of Kobayashi Travel Service

(deposit must be made by 12/15/2018)

Chitose, Rishiri Island, Rishiri Town Museum, Senboshi-Misaki Park, Otatomari Pond, Himenuma Pond, Wakkanai, Soya Misaki (Cape Soya), Asahikawa, Otokoyama Sake Brewery, Biei, Furano, Farm Tomita, Sapporo, Otaru, Sakaimachi Dori, Shiroi Koibito Park, Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, Lake Shikotsu, Noboribetsu, Jigokudani (Hell Valley), Lake Toya, Kombu Kan, Hakodate, Fort Goryokaku, Hakodate Ropeway, Hakodate Asaichi (morning) Market, Haneda

$ 4,750 per person
$ 650 per person
$ 3,450 per person

(Individual arrangements to meet group are not included)

Wednesday, July 3 (Day 01)
Our tour commences this morning when we assemble at the check-in lobby at the airport for baggage check-in procedures. We will depart Honolulu for our flight to Narita International Airport. Lunch and a snack will be served on board the flight.

Thursday, July 4 (Day 02)
On arrival at Narita Airport, we'll clear entry and customs formalities, then transfer to the domestic lobby to check-in for our flight to Chitose, Hokkaido, the second largest and northernmost island of Japan. We'll arrive Chitose Airport in the evening, then transfer to our hotel located in the airport terminal to check-in for the night.

Accommodations at CHITOSE AIR TERMINAL HOTEL or similar

Friday, July 5 (Day 03)
This afternoon, we'll fly to Rishiri Island, a small remote island off the northern tip of Hokkaido. Mount Rishiri, also referred to as Rishiri-Fuji, is a dormant volcano located in the center of the island. Rishiri Island belongs to the Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park and is most attractive when the alpine flora is in bloom during the summer season. On arrival, we'll visit the Rishiri Town Museum, an interesting museum featuring displays showcasing the lifestyle, history, and culture of the inhabitants of the island. We will spend the night on Rishiri Island. Enjoy dinner and relax in the soothing waters at our onsen hotel this evening.

Accommodations at ISLAND INN RISHIRI or similar

Saturday, July 6 (Day 04)
Himenuma Pond and Mt. RishiriRISHIRI ISLAND - WAKKANAI (B)(D)
Enjoy a full-day tour of the island with a visit to Senboshi-Misaki Park, located on the southernmost tip. Featured are strangely shaped rocks formed by the eruption of Mt. Rishiri. We'll continue on to visit Otatomari Pond, a beautiful pond with Mount Rishiri as a backdrop creating an awesome view. Himenuma, a man-made pond located at the foot of Mount Rishiri, offers an awesome view of the mountain reflected on the pond. In the afternoon, we'll proceed to board a ferry at Oshidomari Port and transfer to Wakkanai Port. On arrival, we'll transfer to our hotel to spend the night in Wakkanai. Dinner will be provided for you at the hotel this evening.

Accommodations at ANA CROWNE PLAZA WAKKANAI or similar

Sunday, July 7 (Day 05)
This morning, we'll visit Soya-Misaki (Cape Soya), located at the northernmost point of Hokkaido and Japan. To commemorate this fact stands a large 'Northernmost Point Monument' - a large gray concrete triangle. Located nearby is the 'Statue of Mamiya Rinzo', a Japanese explorer from the Edo period famous for his explorations and mapping of Karafuto (Sakhalin), discovering that it was an island. We'll continue on to spend the night in Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second largest city. Otokoyama is Asahikawa's most famous sake - both within Japan and worldwide. We'll visit the Otokoyama Sake Brewery & Museum to view exhibits and learn about the sake making process. At the conclusion of the tour, some of their delicious products will be available for you to sample and enjoy. Dinner will be provided for you this evening at the hotel.

Accommodations at HOSHINO RESORTS OMO7 ASAHIKAWA or similar

Monday July 8 (Day 06)
Our journey continues on to Biei, noted as the 'town of beautiful hills'. The scenic view of its vast colorful patchwork fields, hills, and trees has been used as a backdrop for many Japanese commercials and television programs. Enjoy a visit of Farm Tomita, one of Hokkaido's premier farms featuring beautiful seasonal flowers neatly planted in rows - creating a 'colorful rainbow field' of flowers. The highlight is to enjoy the view of an awesome purple carpet of lavender, the rural scenic landscape of the Furano Valley and the breathtaking Tokachi Mountains. We'll continue on to spend the next two nights in Sapporo. Dinner will be provided for you this evening at a local restaurant.

Accommodations at SAPPORO CENTURY ROYAL HOTEL or similar

Tuesday, July 9 (Day 07)
Okurayama Jump StadiumSAPPORO - OTARU - SAPPORO (B)
This morning, we'll travel to Otaru, a charming port city facing Ishikari Bay. A well-known symbol of the city is Otaru Canal, adorned with Victorian-style street lamps. Many of the buildings along the canal have been restored into museums, restaurants, and shops. Enjoy strolling through Sakaimachi Dori, a preserved merchant street featuring several cafes, glassware, and sweet shops including a unique music box museum. Standing at the front entrance of the museum is an old-fashioned steam clock presented to Otaru by the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Otaru is noted for its intricate glassware featuring its most popular item - a drip-free soy sauce bottle. Created in all sizes, shapes and colors, this item is one of the most popular souvenirs to bring home for your family and friends. We'll return to Sapporo city and visit Shiroi Koibito Park, a large theme park operated by Ishiya, a popular local cookie company. The company's flagship product is the Shiroi Koibito cookie - two thin butter cookies with a layer of white or milk chocolate in-between - one of the most popular souvenirs to bring home from Hokkaido. We'll walk through the factory to observe the cookie production through several large glass windows. Experience an exciting ride on the chairlift at the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, a ski jumping venue located on the eastern slopes of Mt. Okura. Okurayama was the main ski jump used in the 1972 Winter Olympic games and is now used as a prime training facility for athletes at Nordic events. Enjoy spectacular views of Sapporo city at the top on the observation deck. You'll experience the same view as the ski jumpers when they sit on the plank preparing to take flight. Dinner will be on your own this evening.

Accommodations at SAPPORO CENTURY ROYAL HOTEL or similar

Wednesday, July 10 (Day 8)
We'll travel to picturesque Lake Shikotsu, Japan's second-deepest and northernmost caldera lake located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. This scenic lake was formed from collapses in the earth after volcanic activity and is encircled by mountains, one of which is Mount Tarumae. Enjoy a scenic cruise on this peaceful lake. We'll continue on to spend the night in an onsen resort in Noboribetsu, one of Hokkaido's most famous hot spring resorts. Before checking in, we'll visit Jigokudani (Hell Valley), a spectacular ravine located just above the town of Noboribetsu. Displays of hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity can be viewed at this magnificent site - the main source of Noboribetsu's hot spring waters. Enjoy a delicious dinner and relax in the indoor and outdoor baths of our onsen hotel this evening.

Accommodations at HOTEL MAHOROBA or similar

Thursday, July 11 (Day 9)
We'll travel along Uchiura Bay to Lake Toya and the Toyako Visitor Center, providing information on the nature and environment of Lake Toya, one of the northernmost ice-free lakes in Japan. The center also provides information about Mount Usu, an active volcano in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. We'll continue on to spend the night in Hakodate, Hokkaido's third largest city located at the island's southern tip. En route, we'll make a stop at Kombu-kan, a large kelp shop offering a wide variety of kombu and kombu-related products. On arrival in Hakodate, we'll visit Fort Goryokaku, a massive star-shaped Western-style citadel, built for the defense of the city. After the fort lost its military importance, it was eventually turned into a public park. Mount Hakodate is a high, wooded mountain located at the southern end of the peninsula of Hakodate. On clear days and nights, the view from the top of the mountain is spectacular and noted as one of Japan's three best night views. In the evening, we'll board the Hakodate Ropeway to the observation platform on the mountain to view this spectacular sight.

Accommodations at HOTEL CENTURY MARINA HAKODATE or similar

Friday, July 12 (Day 10)
This morning, enjoy a shopping excursion at the Hakodate (asaichi) Morning Market, a busy marketplace where many indoor and outdoor vendors offer a huge selection of dried seafood products such as scallops, dried squid, cuttlefish, and a wide variety of seaweed-related products. Have fun bargaining with the various vendors for the best discounted prices for your merchandise. In the afternoon, we'll transfer by shuttle bus to the Hakodate Airport to board our domestic flight to Haneda Airport. On arrival, we'll transfer to the Haneda International Terminal for our evening flight home to Honolulu, arriving in the morning on the same day due to the crossing of the International Date Line.

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