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September 23 - October 3, 2019 (11 days and 9 nights)

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Tours are operated by Aloha World, a tour division of Kobayashi Travel Service

(deposit must be made by 4/15/2019)

Seoul, Icheon, Icheon Porcelain Kiln Site, Yongin, MBC Drama Center, Yeoju Yeongneung Royal Tomb, Wonju, Byeongbangchi Skywalk, Daegwallyeong Ranch, Gangwondo, Cheongpung Lake Monorail, Beopjusa Temple, Cheongnamdae Presidential Village, Daejeon, Baekje Cultural Land, Nakwhaam Rock, Gungnamji Pond, Seodong Park, Gunsan, Gogunsan Islands, Saemangeum Excursion Ship Cruise, Bear Tree Park, Cheonan, Anseong, Seoil Farm, Anseong Brassware Museum, The Painters: HERO, Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center, Grevin Wax Museum, Namdaemun (South Gate Market), Insadong, Myeong-dong, Incheon

$ 2,895 per person
$ 595 per person
$ 2,195 per person

(Individual arrangements to meet group are not included)

Monday, September 23 (Day 01)
Our tour commences this morning when we assemble at the check-in lobby at the airport for baggage check-in procedures. We’ll depart Honolulu on a direct flight to Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. A meal will be served on board the flight.

Tuesday, September 24 (Day 02)
We’ll arrive at the Incheon International Airport in the late afternoon and after completing entry and customs formalities, we’ll meet our local guide in the arrivals lobby. We’ll proceed to a local restaurant to enjoy a fabulous welcome dinner before checking-in for the night at our hotel in Seoul, capital city of South Korea.

Accommodations at LOTTE WORLD HOTEL or similar

Wednesday, September 25 (Day 03)
This morning, we’ll travel to the city of Icheon in Gyeonggi Province and visit the Icheon Porcelain Kiln Site to observe potters produce some of Korea’s finest ceramics. In the afternoon, we’ll travel to Yongin to visit the MBC Drama Center, an open-air set that has been re-created based on historical records and reflects the structures and culture of ancient times. This site has served as the filming location for many popular Korean historical dramas such as “Jumong” and “Queen Seon-deok”. We’ll visit Yeoju Yeongneung Royal Tomb, a site that houses the burial mounds of King Seongjong, Queen Jeonghyeon and King Jungjong. We’ll continue on to spend the night in Wonju, a populous city in Gangwon province.

Accommodations at WONJU INTER BURGO HOTEL or similar

Thursday, September 26 (Day 04)
We’ll travel to Jeongseon to enjoy a thrilling experience of walking in the sky on the tempered glass at the Byeongbangchi Skywalk. See the beauty of Bamseom Island and the Donggang River from the observatory of the skywalk. We’ll proceed to visit the Daegwallyeong Ranch, privately owned ranch in Pyeongchang city. Pyeongchang city was the location where one of the venues of the 2018 Winter Olympics was held. We’ll spend the night in Gangwon-do.

Accommodations at GANGWON LAND or similar

Friday, September 27 (Day 05)
This morning, we’ll continue on to Cheongju to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cheongpung Lake on the Cheongpung Lake Monorail. We’ll travel to visit Beopjusa Temple, a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, situated on the slopes of Songnisan within the Songnisan National Park. We’ll visit Cheongnamdae Presidential Village, a vacation villa located nearby Daecheong Dam in Cheongwon-gu. South Korean presidents enjoy this remote vacation villa many times a year during summer vacations or national holidays. We’ll continue on to spend the night in Daejeon, South Korea’s fifth-largest metropolis.

Accommodations at LOTTE CITY HOTEL DAEJEONG or similar

Saturday, September 28 (Day 06)
We’ll visit Baekje Cultural Land, the largest historical theme park in the country, located in Buyeo County. The theme park was built to preserve the history and culture of the Baekje Kingdom and is one of the locations of the annual Baekje Cultural Festival. The location has been used for filming select television series. We’ll visit Nakwhaam Rock, a rock cliff towering over Baengmagan River in the northern end of Busosan Mountain. According to legends, this is where the royal court women of Baekje jumped off when the kingdom of Baekje was defeated. We’ll continue on to Gungnamji Pond, Korea’s first artificial pond located in Seodong Park. We’ll continue on to spend the night in Gunsan, a small city on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Accommodations at RAMADA GUNSAN or similar

Sunday, September 29 (Day 07)
This morning, we’ll visit scenic Gogunsan Islands, a colony of several inhabited and uninhabited islands. Enjoy magnificent views of the sea on a cruise to visit one of these islands on board the Saemangeum Excursion Ship. We’ll continue on to Sejong City to visit Beartree Park, a beautiful natural open space in Chungcheongnam that was built to honor the Manchurian Black Bear. Featured in the park are indoor and outdoor botanical gardens with a variety of flowers and bonsai plants. We’ll spend the night in Cheonan.

Accommodations at SHILLA STAY CHEONAN or similar

Monday, September 30 (Day 08)
We’ll transfer to Anseong and visit Seoil Farm, an organic working farm and educational center, the country’s largest “jang” farm using certified organic ingredients in Anseong County. Traditional methods of Korean cooking and preparation using certified organic ingredients to make soy bean paste have been preserved in a beautiful setting nestled in the mountains of southern Gyeonggi Province. We’ll continue on to visit Anseong Machum Museum, a theme museum showcasing the rich cultural assets of Anseong, evolving around a type of brassware called Yugi. The museum features a brassware exhibition hall displaying information on the history, production, and use of brassware. We’ll travel to Seoul to spend three nights in the capital city of Korea. Enjoy The Painters: HERO, a non-verbal performance that stages the entire process of painting combined with incredible visual effects and a blend of mime, dance, and comedy.

Accommodations at LOTTE CITY HOTEL MYEONGDONG or similar

Tuesday, October 1 (Day 09)
This morning, experience wearing a hanbok for a photo opportunity to take home as a souvenir. Enjoy a hands-on-activity at the Bukchon Traditional Crafts Experience Center to try taking part in a traditional crafting class, such as hanji crafting, needlework, etc. A special hands -on activity for the group will be selected at a later date. We’ll visit the Grevin Wax Museum featuring over 80 wax figures presented in different themes, including historical figures such as King Sejong, General Yi Sun-sin and also includes many South Korean celebrities such as Sy and figure skating star Kim Yuna.

Accommodations at LOTTE CITY HOTEL MYEONGDONG or similar

Wednesday, October 2 (Day 10)
Enjoy a shopping adventure at some of the popular shopping districts in Seoul. Namdaemun (South Gate Market) is best known as a shopper’s paradise and one of the largest traditional marketplaces. The main and side streets are lined with shops and sidewalk stalls offering a wide selection of merchandise at a fraction of the normal price. Have fun bargaining with the local vendors for the best prices. Insa-dong Shopping Street represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts featuring shops that specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), pottery, traditional teas, and folk crafts. Dinner will be on your own this evening.

Accommodations at LOTTE CITY HOTEL MYEONGDONG or similar

Thursday, October 3 (Day 11)
The morning is at your leisure to relax before we transfer to the Incheon International Airport to check-in for our evening flight home. We’ll arrive Honolulu in the morning on the same day due to the crossing of the International Date Line. A meal will be served on board the flight.

The tour price is based on double occupancy and a minimum group size of 20 passengers. Fare adjustment may apply for groups of 20 or under. The rate is based on tariffs and exchange rates effective 2/1/2019. Tour fare is subject to change according to any airfare increase and fluctuation of the rate 0of exchange between U.S. and foreign currency. In the event of revaluation, the land portion of the tour price may be adjusted prior to your final statement.