Our Service Makes a World of Difference


Over the years, travel agents learn things which make them invaluable when booking flights. All of us have had good (and not so good) experiences when flying. These are three tips provided by the staff of Kobayashi Travel to hopefully make your next journey a little more enjoyable.

In many cases your travel may include flights with a single aisle and 3 seats on each side. In the event there are two of you, you usually sit next to each other but that usually means someone else will be in the window seat or in the aisle seat. This is what one agent recommends: Book seats slightly towards the back of the plane and take the aisle seat and window seat, leaving the seat in the middle unoccupied. If the flight is not full, the chances of someone choosing the seat between the two you is less. No guarantees but you can always offer to slide over if someone does take the seat.   

You are what you eat. Well it is true especially when flying. In today’s world where many airlines now charge for meals, these are some tips to remember. First, drink lots of water. The pressurized cabin does bring about dehydration so plenty of water will make that flight over the Pacific a lot more pleasant. Second, alcohol and coffee in moderation as they both do the opposite of drinking water. Third, eat light. Studies have shown that eating light before and during your flight allows your body to digest food with less effort. You’ll feel much better when you land and will be thanking yourself for being so sensible. 

Last but not least, travel agents unfortunately do not have a crystal ball to know when fares will be at its lowest. Airfares are constantly changing and a price that you receive today may not be the price tomorrow. So what should you do? First, understand that the travel agent is working for you (not the airlines). They have the ability to look at various airlines, routings, etc to get you the best value (not necessarily the lowest price) for you. They provide value by being able to give you a choice. Next, understand that the prices change frequently and travel agents have no control over what the airlines decide to do. And finally, if you have your travel dates or a range of dates will help the agent find airfares that are best for you.

Traveling is not a perfect world but travel agents do their part by being your advocate. They use their knowledge and experience to be of service to you.